The Power of Ice

We have had an incredible start to 2014 with interesting and unusual campaigns that really highlight just how powerful ice has become as a brand marketing tool. Due to the tactile nature and fascination consumers have with ice, it’s a simple but sure fire way to promote a product and to engage an audience, live on site through the experience, or using social media. The ultimate goal of the brand team – lasting memory, engagement and interaction.

People passing by Covent Garden a couple of weeks ago will have certainly noticed (unless they were of course blocked from the large crowds of people surrounding it) our large ice install on the Piazza. Commissioned by Hotcow and Golley Slater, we encased a real, brand spanking new Skoda Yeti Outdoor in a 5.7m x 3m x 2.25m Ice Cube. Skoda wanted to endorse the ‘city living crossed with adventure’ identity of their new car and the stunt cleverly promoted just that. A competition was created to run alongside the stunt to ensure that the Skoda Yeti was what everyone was talking about that day in Covent Garden and online. Images of the car were shown in the Huffington Post and Evening Standard’s pictures of the day and there was huge online and print coverage, in both the Guardian and the Times and on hundreds of Tweets. A real ‘Ice Success Story’ – maximum impact, highly skilled execution by the Icebox team – The complete Power of Ice!

iris worldwide developed a similar and very effective nationwide brand awareness campaign which resulted in over 12,000 consumers being enthusiastically engaged in the activity and talking about the brand on various social media platforms. The creative and innovative stunt which involved a lifesize ice sculpture of a Domino’s delivery man, holding a real Domino’s pizza box, installed in a secret studio, halogen heat lamps and consumers ‘tweeting the heat’ , to control the ‘meltdown’. This activity was created by iris to connect Domino’s Pizza with their audience and encourage a social hype around their brand and pizzas. The hashtag, #DominosMeltdown, was created and the tweets streamed live on the Domino’s YouTube channel alongside our real time melting ice sculpture. Every tweet triggered the heat from carefully placed halogen lamps which slowly melted the frozen man. The person who tweeted at the same time as pizza box fell, won a year’s worth of free pizza …. not a bad result for one simple tweet! Domino’s reported that #DominosMeltdown became a top trending topic in the UK with approximately 2,000 tweets posted every hour, that’s 33 per minute! The average viewer stayed engaged on their YouTube channel for an average of 12 minutes. iris worldwide were delighted with the results, reporting that the campaign ‘couldn’t have gone better’.

As always, it was a privilege to work with both Hotcow and iris worldwide on these two successful projects. We were thrilled to be able to show the Power of Ice as a unique brand marketing tool. For more information on these campaigns or to enquire about your future projects, we can make it happen for you, give us a call to chat through your ideas, you can contact us on or 020 7498 0800.